Car Show Results

​        2014  Pontiac Western Regionals at
              Bass Lake Award Winners
       Congradulations to all of our winners.  

1st Most attendance as a Club
1st Eldest Driver-Bill Heathcote
1st Aaron Moore                  1966 GTO
1st Doug Johnston               1965 GTO
1st Don Lake                        1969 GTO
1st Dan Gallup                     2005 GTO
1st Daphne Armitage          1968 Firebird
2nd Beth Mills          1979 Transam 10th Ann
2nd Taryn Moore                1977 Transam
2nd David Diffee                 1968 Firebird
2nd Bill Heathcote              1967 Lemans
2nd Greg Underwood         2001 Transam
2nd Joe Figazolo               1975 Grand Prix
3rd Brandi Moore               1981 Transam
3rd Sharon Lake                1980 Transam

Welcome to another great year 2020 with the
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2019 Car Show Results Congratulations to all the winners!

               Results from the POCC Car show in Clovis May 2017

GTO 1966-67          1st    Place Aaron Moore         1966 GTO
Firebird 1967-69      2nd  Place Daphne Armitage  1968 Firebird
                                3rd   Place David Diffee           1968 Firebird
Transam 1970-81   1st   Place Samual Barber        1979 Transam
Transam/Firehawk  1st   Place David Diffee            2002 Firehawk
                                2nd  Place Tim Garcia              1992 Transam
​1959-1972 Pontiac 1st   Place Don Lake                 1969 GTO

Last Updated 1/1/20
​Results and Congratulations to our Winners at the BFG Riders car show at Chuy's June 3, 2017

1951 Chieftain R.T and Tracy Martin
1964 GTO John and Chris Sheehan
         Army Truck Chris Henrikson
1979 Transam (Macho) #24Sam and Patti Barber
1980 Transam (Macho) #07Kylie Moore
​Vary rare appearance for two Macho Cars to be at the same show.
Results from the POCC Car Show in Clovis
First Place Sharon Lake         1969 GTO
First Place Chris Henriksen    1968 GTO
Second Place David Diffee     1968 Firebird
Third Place Aaron Moore        1966 GTO
Third Place Greg Underwood  2002 Transam
Results from the Western Regionals 
John & Chris 1964 GTO Award winners
Thunder on the Mountain Car show results August 18, 2019
Firebird/Transam Class-
First Place        Donna Cantrel 1994 30th Anniversary Pace Car
Second Place   Greg Underwood 2001 Transam
Pontiac Class-
First Place        Aaron Moore 1966 GTO
Second Place  Sharon Lake 1969 GTO
Second Place  Allan Walker 1969 Chevelle 
First Place Chris Henrikson
Cadillac Buick Olds
First Place      Jerry Miller
Stock 1960 and up
First Place Greg Underwood 1974 SE Nova
Modern Mopar                  
First Place     Nicole Atherton 

Honor Flight Car Show at 1933 Aug 31, 2019

Best of show Peoples Choice Award
Bill Cantrel  1969 Transam